Catherine Mottram, Principal Research Officer, DfT

Catherine-MotteramCatherine Mottram joined the Department for Transport (DfT) in October 2016 to provide dedicated social research support to the Road User Safety Policy team led by Jessica Matthew. Catherine is leading on the analytical input to delivery of the Road Safety Statement. This includes a large scale research project to evaluate interventions to improve novice and young driver safety.

Catherine is a member of the Government Social Research Service and worked at the Ministry of Justice and Department for Culture, Media and Sport before joining DfT. Prior to this she worked for a number of private sector research agencies, largely delivering research for public sector clients.

Presentation: Young Driver research at DfT
This presentation will outline the research that the department is currently engaged in to help improve the safety of young drivers, aged 17-24 years. The Government is clear that there is an important balance to strike between the safety and freedom of young drivers, and its focus is on behavioural and technological measures to improve the safety of young drivers, who account for a fifth of all fatalities on UK roads. To address a lack of evidence around the efficacy of these, the DfT is undertaking an extensive evaluation of such alternative interventions with young learner and novice drivers. The findings will inform decisions around which interventions should be rolled-out.

The DfT is also funding research through a new grant scheme (the Innovation Challenge Fund) to develop new hazard perception training exploiting the rapidly developing technologies of virtual and augmented reality, as well as incorporating gamification.