Christina Watson, Head of Programmes – UK Youth

Christina has been working in informal and non-formal education for nine years, developing skills programmes for young people ranging from healthy living to digital skills to female empowerment.

Since 2016 she has been working on the UK Youth partnership with the UPS Road Code programme and recently led a redesign of the programme to bring new research and behaviour change approaches to its content. The programme aims to empower young people to be safe in and around cars, before they start learning to drive. The course focuses on passenger as well as young driver safety, with an aim of increasing young people’s confidence around speaking up in potentially dangerous situations. It is co-delivered by youth workers and UPS volunteers in youth organisations across the UK and Ireland.

Presentation: Confidence to Speak-Up!
Christina will present the approach taken in the Road Code programme to address young people’s confidence to speak-up when they feel unsafe on the road. She will share the programme methodology and insights from youth workers who work most closely with some of the hardest to reach young people most at risk on our roads.