Lyn Morris, Road Safety Officer, Carmarthenshire County Council

Lyn has worked in road safety for more than 30 years, both in the public and private sectors. She is a Fellow of AIRSO, was on the council of management for several years and was chair of the association in 2007.

Since joining the Road Safety Unit at Carmarthenshire County Council, Lyn has been involved in delivering road safety education in secondary schools, young driver education, an older driver refresher programme, training in child car-seat awareness, equestrian road safety and supervising school crossing patrols.

Lyn has a passion for bringing different road user groups together to understand each other’s needs – and very few road users fall into one group only!

Presentation: Carmarthenshire’s Young Driver Programme
This Young Driver Programme is modular – each module is ‘stand-alone’ but together they comprise a comprehensive course of driver/car-owner/passenger education. In addition to the core modules there is a range of bespoke modules that can be added to the programme as required.

It is designed to provide young people with positive information and the opportunity to question and debate; enable them to make informed decisions, help to reduce the mistakes and poor judgements that may cause them to inadvertently take risks or break the law; and encourage them to be responsible road-users and car owners.

Lyn developed the Young Driver Programme in 2008 to:

  • Be able to do more with less
  • Be flexible
  • Provide time for discussion
  • Overcome the problem of meaningful outcome evaluation

The programme won a Road Safety Wales Education Award in 2009 and 2016 and won a Silver Award in the 2016 FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards.