Rob Tillier, Founder & Director of Accelerate Driver Training

Rob Tillier is a former school teacher and learning & development professional who has specialised in young driver training since 2009.

He has developed the accelerate Safer Young Driver Learning Programme with input from a number of road safety experts. Not only does accelerate teach learner drivers the practical driving skills, it also works on attitudes and behaviours with 14-19 year-olds in schools and colleges.

Rob’s work to improve the safety of young, newly qualified drivers has been recognised with a 2016 Lynda Chalker Award presented by Road Safety GB, and an Industry Achievement Award at the 2016 Driver & Rider Training Awards.

Presentation: the accelerate Safer Young Driver Workshop
This 5-6 hour workshop covers crash causation, consequences, avoidance tactics, barriers to avoidance and behavioural plans

It utilises techniques including beer/drug goggles, go-karts and VR. It has been reviewed by and modified in accordance with recommendations from Dr Fiona Fylan, and pre- and post-evaluated working with Rebecca Needham, RoSPA’s road safety evaluation officer.

Clients self-fund for attendance of the workshop, and other road safety organisations can easily replicate the workshop and, under licence, use the accelerate material.