Steve Ferris, Media Officer, Road Safety Analysis

steve-FERRISSteve has been working with Road Safety Analysis (RSA) for the past four years. As part of the RSA team, Steve has worked on a number of creative and technical projects that have sought to draw together the relationship between data and delivery, to produce high quality and engaging education packages that work.

Steve’s expertise come from a technical understanding of the creative. Prior to joining RSA, Steve was involved in the production of high quality print advertising and marketing materials for national publications. This ‘ground up’ approach allows for connections to be made between delivering attractive design, coupled with data and insight.

Since moving to RSA, Steve’s role has diversified to include all aspects of media creation, delivery and management.

Immersive 360 video and the human impact
Virtual Reality (VR) technology is gaining in popularity among the road safety community, but very little is currently known about the effects and effectiveness of VR when used as a tool intended to modify behaviour.

In a new study currently taking place, Road Safety Analysis is working with Safer Roads Humber to research the psychological and physiological effects that take place when viewing differing types of content through 360 VR headsets, and how this can affect behavioural indicators. This presentation will outline the results from the study, which are expected in March 2017.