Damien Cross, Head of Audience Engagement, To The End Ltd

Damien Cross is head of audience engagement for the award-winning content marketing agency, To The End. Damien and his team are responsible for identifying and engaging with hard-to-reach niche audiences for companies and brands which may not necessarily have the most compelling product or service to offer.

With a motoring and motorsport background, Damien has many engaged audiences on social media, and with experience in running dozens of professional and personal social media accounts, he understands what makes different audiences pay attention - especially in the automotive sector.

Presentation: How to engage an ever-more sceptical, media-savvy and advert-aware audience - young people
In this presentation Damien will explore at how to tap into the places young people enjoy spending their time, and how creating content which they find both interesting and engaging will mean you can get them to do the work for you.

Young people are extremely aware of paid advertising, which means they can become sceptical if it's done poorly and place a lot of value in authentic recommendations when they come from an unpaid advocate of a brand. They are also, however, very open to, and accepting of, some paid advertising when it's performed well and in an unobtrusive way - including product placements, influencer or celebrity endorsement, and useful content which helps them out.

If done well, young people are not only willing to accept you tapping into their lives, but they can become very loyal to your brand or service and become your greatest asset - an active advocate of your brand.