Dr Shaun Helman, Chief Scientist, Transportation Division, TRL

Dr Shaun Helman is the chief scientist for Transportation Division at TRL. He has worked for around two decades in transport research, focused on road safety, vulnerable road users, and the application of psychological and behavioural theory to understanding road user behaviour and performance.

Presentation: Driver2020 - A randomised controlled trial of interventions to lower the first-year collision rate in young newly-qualified drivers. Early findings on engagement
The Driver2020 project is a real-world randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of five interventions designed to make young, newly-qualified drivers safer in their first year of post-test driving. After 18 months of design, the project began recruiting learner drivers in early 2019. This presentation will consider some of the early findings from interviews with learner drivers on their engagement with some of the interventions being evaluated.

These findings will be important when considering any impact of the interventions on collision risk, since they will inform any decisions after the project about how roll-out should be managed.

The presentation will also give a brief overview of the study design, and will give details on when findings related to collision data can be expected, based on the progress so far.