Dr Simon Jones, Lead Data Scientist, ingenie

Dr Simon Jones is the lead data scientist at ingenie. 

He has worked in the telematic motor insurance space for two years and has been a scientist for more than decade.

Presentation: Vision Zero: Plan to make progress on rural roads

If the UK is to progress towards Vision Zero (the target of zero deaths on the road) we need to address the most common kind of young car driver road death; a young driver on a rural road.

More than 80% of all young car driver road fatalities occur on rural roads but rural roads only carry 42% of car traffic, meaning this kind of journey represents an opportunity to achieve solid reductions in road deaths. When a small group of drivers are vastly more likely to die than others matched by age or location it isn’t inevitable and it can be addressed without a costly nationwide engineering project.

This is where the biggest 'bang for our buck' is likely to be - we just need to understand what is happening and how to deal with it. The observation that many of these accidents are associated with perfectly legal, but radically unsafe, speeds means that this cause of death will not be addressed by recently proposed Intelligent Speed Assistance standards and warrants a specific focus.

At ingenie our pioneering Driver Behaviour Unit has spoken to many young drivers about their dangerous driving behaviour, and combined with available data and published literature we think that the next steps to make progress with this issue are in sight: pilot project interventions designed as experiments in rural young driver road safety that can help us identify what gets us closer to vision zero.

This talk will comprise a review of what is known, some of the outstanding questions - and a call to collaborate to try to determine how we can save lives.

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