Duncan Dollimore, Head of Campaigns, Cycling UK

Duncan Dollimore is head of campaigns at Cycling UK, which promotes all forms of cycling so that people all of ages can cycle safely, easily and enjoyably. Duncan leads Cycling UK’s road safety campaigning, a key aspect of which in the last two years has been educational awareness campaigning to promote behaviour change.

‘Involving, not telling' is the ethos for much of this campaigning, to communicate both the danger and solution visually using both simple and modern tools and technology.

Presentation title:  Too Close for Comfort
How much space should you leave when overtaking a cyclist, and does it really matter if it’s not much but you don’t actually hit them?

Answers vary, often dependant on whether someone’s ridden a bike in recent years. If you haven’t, you might not realise the risks if the cyclist has to move out to avoid a pothole whilst you’re overtaking, or you just misjudge the distance. Neither will you appreciate how intimidating close overtakes can be, or why they put people off cycling.

But what if you could exchange places and see this from the cyclists’ perspective, without even sitting on a saddle? What if we could nudge people’s behaviour, and get them to think about how that endangers others on the roads? What if we realised that telling people often doesn’t work, and used virtual reality to involve them in an immersive experience providing not just learning, but understanding?