Frank Norbury and Evan Webster, PACTS

Frank Norbury and Evan Webster have MScs in Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Development from UCL and Environment and Development from LSE, respectively.

They joined the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) as Policy and Research Officers in 2018. They have been responsible for researching the PACTS’ project on seat belts and writing the report.

Presentation: Seat Belts: The Forgotten Road Safety Issue?
Seat belt wearing has been compulsory in the UK since 1982 and the vast majority of drivers and passengers now comply. Yet, in 2017, 27% of those who died in cars on GB roads were not wearing a seat belt.

The PACTS’ seat belt project, undertaken in association with Direct Line Group, has sought to identify the characteristics of non-wearers, the reasons for not wearing and which interventions are most at likely to be effective. The report is due for publication shortly before the Young Driver Focus conference.