Lucy Tatchell, Head of News and Media, Fixers

Lucy Tatchell is an award-winning journalist who started her career in local newspapers. As a reporter she covered current affairs and was embedded with the British Army in Afghanistan. She later worked as the deputy bureau chief with Barcroft Media in India, where she oversaw the production of documentaries including The Boy With 8 Limbs, filmed for the Discovery Channel.

On returning to the UK, Lucy transitioned to the charity sector, working with the British Red Cross before taking time away from her career to start a family.

She is now the head of news and media at Fixers, a national charity championing the potential of young people. She has been central to a year-long programme of work with the Road Safety Trust, enabling young people to create campaigns varying from beer mats to air fresheners and hard-hitting videos.

Presentation: The Young People Driving Change
This presentation will summarise the outcomes of a year-long programme of work with national youth charity Fixers and young people across the UK who have had negative driving experiences. Delegates will hear about the campaigns created by these young people and how they encouraged their peers to stay safe on the roads.