Professor Gary Burnett, Chair of Transport Human Factors, University of Nottingham

Professor Gary Burnett holds a chair in Transport Human Factors within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham. He has over 25 years’ experience in human factors research and development relating to advanced technology within road-based vehicles. His work addresses key safety, usability, and acceptance issues for advanced in-car systems and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Presentation: Training for future driving: lost skills and new skills
Many authors and commentators have noted that new forms of driving as afforded by higher levels of automation within vehicles will necessitate new forms of training and certification. In this respect, there are two fundamental Human Factors research questions, namely 1) What form/level of de-skilling will arise as a result of automation, and 2) What new knowledge/ skills are required to safely interact with future vehicles?

This presentation will aim to provide some preliminary answers to these questions drawing on the extensive research conducted by the Human Factors Research Group at the University of Nottingham. In particular, it will discuss ongoing research regarding how people behave within conditionally and highly automated vehicles. Professor Burnett will focus on the users’ performance following an extended period of use and during transition periods – i.e. when they are required or wish to drive themselves. Moreover, he will describe research his team has conducted considering the potential needs of younger drivers adopting this technology, either following traditional driver training or when they have had no formal education with manually driven vehicles.