Dan Campsall & Tanya Fosdick

Dan Campsall, communications director & Tanya Fosdick, senior analyst, Road Safety Analysis

Presentation: Blazed & wasted – evidence, engagement & evaluation of at risk drink drivers

‘Blazed & Wasted’ is a drink & drug driving awareness campaign launched to coincide with the start of the 2014 World Cup. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of the consequences of drinking and driving and to provide information on how drivers could avoid drinking and driving.

It was the UK’s first road safety intervention to be developed on the basis of the COM-B behaviour change model and utilising the Behaviour Change Wheel – a synthesis of 19 behaviour change frameworks which draws on a wide range of disciplines and approaches and was developed by behaviour change experts from University College London.


tanya-f-newThe presentation will show that even modest levels of interruption marketing can deliver measurable improvements in behavioural intentions among young adult males in relation to drink drive.

Dan Campsall is an experienced marketing and communications professional, who has oversight of Safer Roads campaigns, PR and marketing work; a portfolio of initiatives that embraces car seat safety, child pedestrian training, young drivers and motorcyclists.

Tanya Fosdick is an experienced researcher who has worked in the road safety arena for many years and has been involved in a number of national road safety projects. Tanya has also been leading evaluation projects since 2003 after gaining a postgraduate research certificate in research methodology.

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