Ian Edwards MSc., Dip ASM, DVSA ADI

Maximizing the safety benefits of driver education

ian-edwards-new-mainIan Edwards is a director of eDriving Solutions and one of the UK’s leading practitioners in developing coaching skills for driving instructors. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Social Research and Evaluation and a Diploma in Traffic Accident and Safety Management.

In the past two years Ian has worked with the Road Safety GB Academy to develop and deliver the Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course and a Client Centred Learning Course for ADIs.

At Young Driver Focus 2015 Ian will deliver an interactive presentation in which he will explore why the driver education process may not be delivering its full potential safety benefits.

He will argue that what is learnt in driver training often fails to make the journey from the training environment to the real world, because of a “failure of skills transfer”. Skills transfer frequently fails to occur when the training appears to be disconnected to its real world application.

Against this backdrop, the presentation will look to discuss:

  • What prevents what is learnt in training transferring to the post-test driving behavior
  • How the ‘Three Phases” (Parker and Stradling 2002) of the learning to drive processes impacts on post-test driving behavior
  • The role self evaluation has in the learning to drive process
  • The need to focus on future behaviours in training

The presentation will set the audience a number of tasks to complete with the aim of maximising the learning experience and audience participation.

Finally, the presentation will look to link the discussion above to Road Safety GB’s course on client centred learning for ADIs.


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