Ian Lancaster

Chief executive officer, Twentyci

How to drive an effective digital strategy to promote the road safety agenda to the young driver audience

Ian-LancasterAn entrepreneur and business mentor with a marketing specialism, Ian Lancaster has built, advised and developed a number of businesses and brands including Virgin Cars, TUP and Twentyci.

In 2000, Ian created Virgin Cars – which became the fastest growing internet car retailer – as a joint venture with the Virgin Group.

Ian established Twentyci in 2006 to create an integrated online and off line data centric marketing services business. Twentyci is now an established digital, mobile and e-commerce business with a deep experience in harnessing data to connect brands associated with the property market.

As the father of two teenage daughters, Ian has a keen interest in road safety. In 2014, he engaged in a joint-venture with FirstCar to develop the FirstCar New Driver’s Club, which will launch at Young Driver Focus 2015.

If you’re in the business of providing road safety education within a local authority, you will almost certainly have heard the phrase “digital by default”. Probably in a context similar to: “Why do you need to buy these magazines/leaflets/posters/booklets? Council communications should be digital by default.”

Your riposte could well include the fact that printed book sales rose 2.4% in 2014, which set against plateauing e-book sales would indicate that people still engage better with words printed on actual paper. However, in the context of young driver education, the opportunities for digital engagement are massive and still relatively unexplored.

Ian will use his presentation to explain:

• How young driver education can be digitised
• That data is the key to sustainable digital engagement
• Data management 101; what you can and can’t do
• The opportunity for seamless evaluation