Emeritus Professor Stephen Stradling

Emeritus Professor Stephen Stradling, Edinburgh Napier University

Presentation: Improving road safety interventions for pre- and novice drivers by designing in behavioural change techniques


StradlingStephen Stradling was professor of transport psychology in the Transport Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University where he conducted research on road user attitudes and behaviours (which car drivers and PTW users are the ‘crash magnets’?) and on modal shift and car dependence (why are we so attached to our cars?). He is now a professor emeritus and working as an independent consultant in traffic and transport psychology, based in Greater Manchester.


Professor Stradling co-authored a paper which defines a series of behavioural change techniques (BCTs) that can be applied in the road safety setting, and identifies which ones are found in road safety interventions for young road users.

The study found that only a small subset of BCTs are employed in most of the interventions. They concentrate primarily on increasing awareness of the risks associated with a particular behaviour, and the severity of the potential adverse consequences.

This presentation will give recommendations for improving the effectiveness of road safety interventions for young people including young, novice drivers by increasing the range of BCTs deployed.