2017 Awards shortlist – Education and Training Initiative

Drive for Life Challenge


South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
The Drive for Life Challenge is an extension of South Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership’s Drive for Life event, which is delivered in schools and colleges. The online hazard and risk perception training game is promoted at Drive for Life sessions and used as a stand-alone digital campaign. Challengers watch eight short video clips and at the end of each clip, the must select one of four potential hazards and risks. At the end of the round, they are presented with their scores and one of four targeted feedback videos, depending on how they did. Users are then taken through the same clips again to try and improve their score.

Drivewise Borders

Police Scotland
A partnership comprising Police Scotland, Scottish Borders Council, Cleland (Volvo), Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish Ambulance Service and IAM held a number of pilot events in 2016 concentrating on the age groups of persons likely to be involved in serious or fatal accidents: 14-17 years, 17-25 years and over 65s. Under 17’s attend a local airfield and are taught to drive, with the emphasis on attitudes both as drivers and passengers. 17-25s go through the IAM course, and on successful completion their fee is refunded. The over 65s receive a PowerPoint/video briefing followed by ‘refresher’ drive, with the instructor fee paid for by the project.

Traffic Scotland’s Road Safety Framework Strategic Partnership Board now funds the project.

Enhanced Pass Plus


North Yorkshire County Council
As the name suggests, Enhanced Pass Plus is an enhanced version of the DVSA’s Pass Plus scheme. The enhancements are: scenario based training both in car and in the classroom; special training of participating driving instructors to achieve uniform delivery of in car training; a two hour ‘New Driver Discussion Group’ where participants are encouraged to identify the risks facing new/young drivers and what measures they can put in place to reduce risk; and a financial subsidy to encourage participation.

Learn2Live Road Safety Intervention


Learn2Live Partnership (South West Peninsula)
Learn2Live is a true partnership with representatives from local authority road safety teams, fire & rescue, police, paramedics, consultants and families. Through theatre events and classroom based follow-up sessions Learn2Live enables young people to understand specific risks and consider the consequences of their actions. By encouraging them to make small changes to their behaviours and developing their skills and awareness, they are then able to make sensible safe choices when travelling.


ROAD-SMART-800pxTTC Group (UK) Plc
In April 2014, in conjunction with Avon & Somerset Constabulary, TTC launched the ‘RoadSmart’ young driver programme which incorporates recognised behavioural change techniques. RoadSmart was created to address the fact that around one third of people killed or seriously injured on the force’s roads were aged 17 to 24-years. RoadSmart was introduced following an extensive programme of innovative behavioural causation factors research and demonstrates a positive effect on young drivers’ implementation intention. Funded by Avon & Somerset Police, RoadSmart has replicability, is transferable and has undergone an evaluation and review process.

Safe Drive Stay Alive (SDSA) – Surrey

SDSA-800pxSurrey Fire and Rescue Service

SDSA aims to positively influence young drivers’ and passengers’ attitudes and make them aware of the consequences of poor or irresponsible driving, and their responsibilities when in a car. These consequences, presented through live speakers and films, help young people to make informed choices about how they behave in a car. The SDSA team interacts with young people as they arrive, during performances and after the event to build personal contact and emotional connection. Extended engagement – to further inform, educate and influence – comprises the Young Driver’s Guide, tutor resource packs and social media.