2017 Awards shortlist – New Scheme



Safer Essex Roads Partnership
#mysmallchange facilitates the public sharing of personal pledges pertaining to one of ten specific road behaviours via the www.mysmallchange.co.uk web-app. The pledge is instantly shared on the pledgers’ social media account, creating a peer-to-peer commitment of improved road user behaviour. In the following days, weeks and months, participants receive targeted and timely advice on maintaining their pledge.

Drive for Life Challenge


South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
The Drive for Life Challenge is an extension of South Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership’s Drive for Life event, which is delivered in schools and colleges. The online hazard and risk perception training game is promoted at Drive for Life sessions and used as a stand-alone digital campaign. Challengers watch eight short video clips and at the end of each clip, the must select one of four potential hazards and risks. At the end of the round, they are presented with their scores and one of four targeted feedback videos, depending on how they did. Users are then taken through the same clips again to try and improve their score.

IAM RoadSmart Younger Driver Ambassador Initiative


IAM RoadSmart
The Younger Driver Ambassador is a unique, innovative and proactive role promoting IAM RoadSmart’s charitable aim to support younger drivers. The ambassador’s focus is researching IAM RoadSmart’s current relationship with young people, and attracting and retaining them as members or associates. This research is guiding the design of appropriate up-skilling and a Younger Driver Interaction Toolbox for local groups to employ. The ultimate aim is to deliver a sustainable young drivers perspective to IAM RoadSmart’s mission to ‘make better and safer drivers’.

Nextbase Dashcams


Nextbase, the UK’s largest manufacturer of dash cams, targeted younger drivers in 2016 and aimed to raise awareness of dashcams among the 17-25 years age bracket. Of all demographics, Nextbase strongly believes that young drivers have the most to gain from having a dash cam installed. Not only does owning one save money on insurance, but it also helps vulnerable drivers in an accident situation. To achieve this goal Nextbase secured a partnership with MyFirstUK, the UK’s leading insurance broker for young drivers.

Operation Dragoon


Northumbria Police
‘Road Sense Common Sense’ is the young driver road safety education presentation that falls under Operation Dragoon – a force wide initiative. Aimed at sixth form students, the hour-long short film (four) and live speaker (four) multi-agency presentation promotes behaviour change through reflective thinking and empathy. ‘Road Sense’ maintains an academic base for its development, using transformative learning, storytelling and arts based research as its core, prompting students to reflect on others’ stories and challenge the mind set of ‘it won’t happen to me’.



TTC Group (UK) Plc
In April 2014, in conjunction with Avon & Somerset Constabulary, TTC launched the ‘RoadSmart’ young driver programme which incorporates recognised behavioural change techniques. RoadSmart was created to address the fact that around one third of people killed or seriously injured on the force’s roads were aged 17 to 24-years. RoadSmart was introduced following an extensive programme of innovative behavioural causation factors research and demonstrates a positive effect on young drivers’ implementation intention. Funded by Avon & Somerset Police, RoadSmart has replicability, is transferable and has undergone an evaluation and review process.

VF4 360


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service
Created to improve an already robust and evaluated intervention, the VF4-360 Experience represents a quantum leap in road safety delivery. Using virtual reality goggles and specially produced film, participants are immersed in a pre and post-crash scenario. This project demonstrates how new technology can be used to engage and influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people. Lead by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in conjunction with FirstCar, this project pushes the boundaries on innovation while delivering cost-efficient scalability.

What Did I Miss?

WDIM-photo-400pxBrighton and Hove City Council
‘Share the Roads’ is a distraction awareness campaign which has run for four years in Brighton & Hove. ‘What Did I Miss?’ is a targeted element of this campaign, to effectively reach young male road users. It focuses on a video on a stand-alone website, with a back story and infographics relating to the three young males in the video. The intention is to raise awareness that failure to look or distraction is the biggest cause of road collisions for all road user types, but particularly for young males who suffer the greatest numbers of casualties.

Your Choice

Your choice Logo

Northamptonshire Highways
Your Choice is a low cost workshop-style intervention, designed to influence change behaviour. The objectives are for all young road users to: understand human limitations; recognise their responsibilities as road users; and equip them with coping strategies. It offers a dynamic alternative to the existing ‘shock tactics’ approach used widely by the police and fire service alike, which rely heavily on the Fatal Four as the causation of collisions, by challenging students to formulate their own solutions to the dangers they face as road users.