2017 Awards shortlist – Partnership Scheme



Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN)
#Impact was launched in November 2016 to educate young drivers about road safety. It is spearheaded by 19-year-old Thomas Semmons, OPCCN’s ambassador for road safety, who speaks to students about his personal experience of being involved in a road collision. Thomas was seriously injured after losing control of his car, which forms an integral part of #Impact as it tours schools/colleges across Norfolk. At each event students are given pledge cards to sign as a personal commitment to road safety. #Impact is supported by Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) and the East of England Ambulance Service.

Learn 2 Live


Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership, Hertfordshire County Council
Learn 2 Live is a 90-minute auditorium based, hard hitting, road safety educational event aimed primarily at Year 12 students. Speakers include someone from each of the emergency services and a victim and/or a family member of someone involved in road traffic collisions. The impact to the audience is evident as the speakers relay their individual and very personal experiences. The talks are interspersed with DVDs relating to the topic. There are no apologies for the hard hitting nature of the subject matter; the aim is not to sensationalise but rather to inform and lay bare the facts. After seeing Learn 2 Live it is hoped that the behaviour of some young drivers will be altered, and some life-changing traffic collisions can be avoided.

Learn2Live Road Safety Intervention


Learn2Live Partnership (South West Peninsula)
Learn2Live is a true partnership with representatives from local authority road safety teams, fire & rescue, police, paramedics, consultants and families. Through theatre events and classroom based follow-up sessions Learn2Live enables young people to understand specific risks and consider the consequences of their actions. By encouraging them to make small changes to their behaviours and developing their skills and awareness, they are then able to make sensible safe choices when travelling.

New Driver NI Safe Motoring Presentation

New Driver Safety Ambassadors logo

New Driver Safety Ambassadors Limited Community Interest Company
New Driver Safety Ambassadors was set up in July 2016 to promote safe motoring to young people between the ages of 16 – 24 years. The company works in close partnership with schools, colleges and the wider community to encourage young people and adults to raise their aspirations and make a positive contribution to their development in road safety by encouraging better driving, influencing passengers’ behaviour and peer mentoring younger people.



TTC Group (UK) Plc
In April 2014, in conjunction with Avon & Somerset Constabulary, TTC launched the ‘RoadSmart’ young driver programme which incorporates recognised behavioural change techniques. RoadSmart was created to address the fact that around one third of people killed or seriously injured on the force’s roads were aged 17 to 24-years. RoadSmart was introduced following an extensive programme of innovative behavioural causation factors research and demonstrates a positive effect on young drivers’ implementation intention. Funded by Avon & Somerset Police, RoadSmart has replicability, is transferable and has undergone an evaluation and review process.

Safe Drive Stay Alive (SDSA) – Surrey


Surrey Fire and Rescue Service
SDSA aims to positively influence young drivers’ and passengers’ attitudes and make them aware of the consequences of poor or irresponsible driving, and their responsibilities when in a car. These consequences, presented through live speakers and films, help young people to make informed choices about how they behave in a car. The SDSA team interacts with young people as they arrive, during performances and after the event to build personal contact and emotional connection. Extended engagement – to further inform, educate and influence – comprises the Young Driver’s Guide, tutor resource packs and social media.

VF4 360


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service
Created to improve an already robust and evaluated intervention, the VF4-360 Experience represents a quantum leap in road safety delivery. Using virtual reality goggles and specially produced film, participants are immersed in a pre and post-crash scenario. This project demonstrates how new technology can be used to engage and influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people. Lead by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in conjunction with FirstCar, this project pushes the boundaries on innovation while delivering cost-efficient scalability.