2017 Awards shortlist – Private Sector Initiative

#eyetestssavelives – Road Safety Week 2016

eye-testsVision Express
As part of its commitment to ‘Vision. Taken Seriously’, Vision Express set its sights on the significant impact of driver vision on road safety with the ‘Eye Tests Save Lives’ campaign. It saw Vision Express and supporters – MPs and road safety partners such as Brake and GEM Motoring Assist – raise awareness of the issue. Vision Express called for the message ‘Eye Tests Save Lives’ to be displayed on digital road signs during Road Safety Week 2016. Free eye tests for all were also offered via an online voucher.

accelerate Safer Young Driver Training Programme


accelerate Driver Training
Young driver KSI statistics are well known to the road safety professional as being disproportionate to overall driver KSI statistics. Whilst there are a number of initiatives to help tackle this issue, none of them appears to get to the young driver as part of a comprehensive and inclusive driver training solution. Evolving and developed over seven years, the accelerate Safer Young Driver Training programme is a holistic approach, using innovative techniques, which tackles practical driving skills to the highest level – and more importantly the human factors. Young drivers are taught to Advanced Driving Standards from day one.

Ford Driving Skills for Life


This is a free, young-driver training programme targeting 18-24 year olds who have recently passed their driving test, or lack confidence and experience. The training simulates real-life situations across four key areas, identified as critical factors in more than 60% of traffic accidents: hazard recognition (including drug/drink driving); vehicle control (handling over-steer and high-speed manoeuvres); speed awareness; and driver distraction (use of audio/navigation systems and taking selfies while driving). The practical training takes place in a safe, controlled environment, covering skills and situations that are not taught, or experienced, as part of the basic UK driving test.

New Driver NI Safe Motoring Presentation

New Driver Safety Ambassadors logo

New Driver Safety Ambassadors Limited Community Interest Company
New Driver Safety Ambassadors was set up in July 2016 to promote safe motoring to young people between the ages of 16 – 24 years. The company works in close partnership with schools, colleges and the wider community to encourage young people and adults to raise their aspirations and make a positive contribution to their development in road safety by encouraging better driving, influencing passengers’ behaviour and peer mentoring younger people.