2017 Awards shortlist – Young Driver Campaign



Safer Essex Roads Partnership
#mysmallchange facilitates the public sharing of personal pledges pertaining to one of ten specific road behaviours via the www.mysmallchange.co.uk web-app. The pledge is instantly shared on the pledgers’ social media account, creating a peer-to-peer commitment of improved road user behaviour. In the following days, weeks and months, participants receive targeted and timely advice on maintaining their pledge.

Drive for Life Challenge


South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
The Drive for Life Challenge is an extension of South Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership’s Drive for Life event, which is delivered in schools and colleges. The online hazard and risk perception training game is promoted at Drive for Life sessions and used as a stand-alone digital campaign. Challengers watch eight short video clips and at the end of each clip, the must select one of four potential hazards and risks. At the end of the round, they are presented with their scores and one of four targeted feedback videos, depending on how they did. Users are then taken through the same clips again to try and improve their score.

Gone in Seconds

MIB-logoMIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau)
Shining the spotlight on the consequences of uninsured driving, the ‘protection’ video for the Gone In Seconds campaign puts across a serious message in a cheeky and suggestive way. The film shows a young couple clearly preparing to get intimate in their car. A police officer appears at the window and asks if the male is the registered owner of the vehicle. A call to action warns ‘if you’re not protected you could be in for a nasty surprise’ before the car is shown being towed away, with the young man watching forlornly without his trousers.

Impaired driving


Safer Roads Partnership, Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police
The Safer Roads Partnership within Warwickshire and West Mercia delivered a social media campaign in 2016 focusing on driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs. The latter was specifically targeted towards younger drivers and passengers and focused on how a momentary decision to choose to drive after taking drugs could have significant consequences.

Learn2Live Road Safety Intervention


Learn2Live Partnership (South West Peninsula)
Learn2Live is a true partnership with representatives from local authority road safety teams, fire & rescue, police, paramedics, consultants and families. Through theatre events and classroom based follow-up sessions Learn2Live enables young people to understand specific risks and consider the consequences of their actions. By encouraging them to make small changes to their behaviours and developing their skills and awareness, they are then able to make sensible safe choices when travelling.

Look Out For Each Other (LOFEO)

Look Out-800px

Gateshead Council
The aim of the Look Out For Each Other (LOFEO) young driver media campaign was to reduce the unacceptable levels of death and serious injury (KSI) faced by young and inexperienced drivers on the region’s roads, and to encourage safer driver practices by putting onus back onto individual road user behaviour. At the same time it aimed to encourage a collective responsibility for reducing injuries by creating a culture of safety on the roads, particularly in respect of the ‘fatal four’ and peer pressure.

New Driver NI Safe Motoring Presentation

New Driver Safety Ambassadors logo

New Driver Safety Ambassadors Limited Community Interest Company
New Driver Safety Ambassadors was set up in July 2016 to promote safe motoring to young people between the ages of 16 – 24 years. The company works in close partnership with schools, colleges and the wider community to encourage young people and adults to raise their aspirations and make a positive contribution to their development in road safety by encouraging better driving, influencing passengers’ behaviour and peer mentoring younger people.