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How to Profile Young Drivers and Target Education

Presented by Dr Lisa Dorn, DriverMetrics/Cranfield University

Outline of presentation
Decades of research in traffic psychology has shown is that there are clear individual differences in driver behaviour - not all drivers are the same.

Some young people are overconfident in their skills, seek excitement in their driving or may be prone to getting annoyed with other road users. Profiling drivers uncovers these individual differences and is an essential first step to identifying driver behavioural tendencies, increasing self-awareness of personal risk and providing targeted driver education.

This presentation outlines how to profile young driver behaviour and the use of psychological techniques in driver coaching.

Lisa DornLisa Dorn
Dr Lisa Dorn is a Reader in Driver Behaviour and Research Director for DriverMetrics, a Cranfield University spin-out company which provides research-based driver behavioural assessments and education.

Lisa is President-Elect of the International Association of Applied Psychologists - Traffic and Transport Psychology Division, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a member of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

In 2004 Lisa received the International Prince Michael Award for Road Safety for her work with Arriva and won the Knowledge Transfer Programme's 'Best Application of Social or Management Science' in 2008.

Lisa hosts the International Conference in Driver Behaviour and Training and is Co-Editor of 'Human Factors in Road and Rail Safety'. She has edited 17 books and published more than 40 research papers. Currently, Lisa is working with several organisations to improve young driver behaviour.


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