James Evans

James-EvansJames Evans launched FirstCar magazine from school in 2002; since then the company has grown to publish more than two million road safety magazines per year. In 2013 FirstCar began providing bespoke campaign services including video, graphic design and website development.

With more than a decade of supporting road safety teams under his belt, James recently identified technology that could revolutionise the way road safety teams think about communicating with their audiences.

Presentation: RSGB Connect – a new online tool for road safety professionals
It’s something that online retailers and major corporations have known for years – regular contact and messaging to customers creates new and repeat business. How many products or services have you bought having been prompted by an email from a trusted supplier? Let’s put that another way – how has your behaviour been influenced by an online communication from an organisation you are familiar with? We’re not talking about spam here. These are companies you know and trust like Amazon, The Times, EE, or Sky. Perhaps even your local authority

This presentation will introduce RSGB Connect – a data collection and email platform which allows road safety teams to start doing what major corporations have been doing for years. Capturing information about their target audience, segmenting and storing it ethically and in accordance with all the data protection laws, then using it to send targeted email campaigns, newsletters, updates, evaluations and a whole host of other communications.