Dr Shaun Helman


Dr Shaun Helman is a cognitive psychologist who has been involved in researching road safety and driver behaviour for the last 15 years. He is particularly interested in the links between driver behaviour and safety outcomes such as collisions and injuries, and in high-risk groups such as young and novice drivers, those driving for work, and motorcyclists.

Presentation: Young and novice driver interventions – a review of theory and evidence
We have known for some considerable time that young and novice drivers are at an increased risk of crashing, when compared with drivers who are older and more experienced. There are a number of different mechanisms by which young and novice driver interventions are proposed to improve safety for this group.

These include increasing skills and changing attitudes, managing exposure to risk, and promoting various types of preparation in the learning phase. In this presentation, Shaun will examine the theoretical plausibility of these and other mechanisms, drawing on several recent and current research projects which are focused either on reviewing the evidence for young and novice driver interventions, or on examining changes to the GB learning to drive process.